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Founded in1972 by Richard Collman, Acoustic Control Engineering Limited is a specialist noise and vibration control company. with wide ranging practical experience and expertise in the Building services and Refrigeration on industries. In addition, our staffs have extensive industrial and university based experience in the related areas 01Architectural and Environmental acoustics. It is this practical experience and in-depth knowledge which form the foundation for providing effective acoustic solutions across the many different areas in which noise and vibration problems arise.

Our acoustics expertise is reinforced by Acoustical Control Engineers high level of investment in the most advanced digital acoustic instrumentation. This equipment dramatically reduces the time taken. and there by the costs incurred, for both on-site noise measurement and detailed report preparation . whilst providing laboratory standards of accuracy.

The resources of Acoustical Control Engineer Limited are geared towards providing all or any parts of an Integrated Acoustic Solution. We have responsibility for, or assist in the following parts of a project.

Acoustic DesignA design must consider many requirements: aesthetic, ventilation, environmental etc. We have considerable experience 01 incorporating these with the relevant acoustic criteria to ensure that a final design addresses the lull range 01 engineering and environmental requirements in addition to working acoustically.

ManufacturingThe manufacture 01 many acoustic systems is a specialized process due to the need for acoustic integrity like many other engineering disciplines, an acoustic system is only as good as its weakest link. If one item fails then the whole system can be rendered ineffective.

InstallationAs with the manufacture of acoustic equipment, quality of installation is equally important. Any acoustic system must be properly installed; otherwise it will not function as designed. This can easily worsen the situation, examples being vibration isolators and acoustic attenuators.

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